XYXX x KL Rahul: Our Latest Campaign Urges You To Drop Your Old Undies Like Never Before

When it comes to uncomfortable underwear - no one wants to rid the world of them like we do. Don’t believe us? Take it from our brand ambassador KL Rahul himself


As he kickstarts our latest campaign encouraging you to break free from the shackles of uncomfortable mens underwear. By addressing the elephant in the room and highlighting the underwear issues every man faces (but never speaks about), the campaign seeks to empower men to embrace their newfound freedom from discomfort.

The Uncomfortable Truth:

From time immemorial, men have been adjusting to uncomfortable innerwear, but no more. Realising that this pervasive issue still exists (in the 21st century for crying out loud), we decided to take a bold stance on a problem that has been overlooked for far too long.

A Dystopian Revelation:

Conceptualised by Talented and produced by First December Films, our "Undie-pendence" campaign transports viewers to a dystopian world where men are physically handcuffed by their underwear. The opening scene paints a vivid picture of men struggling to make it through the most mundane tasks, from jogging to riding a bike and even lifting weights at the gym all caused by the nagging discomfort of their underwear.

KL Rahul: The Catalyst for Change:

Enter KL Rahul, our brand ambassador who looks perplexed at this distorted reality and the struggles faced by his fellow men. Recognizing the issue at hand, he takes decisive action and introduces them to a new world of comfort with our all-new collection of TENCEL™ Modal XYXX underwear for men.

The Undie-pendence Anthem:

As the campaign video unfolds, the catchy anthem of 'Undie-pendence' plays in the background, a punny term used to describe the liberating feeling of finally owning a pair of comfortable underwear for men. You can watch the video here.

Take Our Comfortable Underwear Now:

So, if you want to break free from discomfort and give XYXX underwear a shot, then you must check out our collection of luxe modal underwear. Enhanced with properties like Air Max for breathability and CloudSoft for a luxurious feel on the skin, our range of lightweight modal underwear (men’s briefs and men’s trunks) is designed with a 4-way stretch for unrestricted movement. Check out our range of luxe men’s underwear:

  • Volt : Adding a bit of personality to your everyday essentials, Volt introduces a range of underwear that exudes a bold attitude and modern flair. With clean lines and round-the-clock comfort, our branded colour-pop waistband steals the spotlight, adding an extra layer of aesthetics to your top drawer. 
  • Urbane : The Urbane collection is a tribute to the bustling cityscape. Inspired by towering skyscrapers and jigsaw puzzle maps in a variety of cool colours,  this collection is designed for a 'cool meets comfortable' vibe. 
  • Flux : Futuristic design patterns make a play as technology meets art in the Flux collection. Inspired by the moods of digital dynamism in new-age colours, the Flux collection is a cut above the rest.
  • Artisto : The Artisto collection is created using the refined technique of space dyeing, where every thread that forms the fabric, is a masterpiece. Showcasing mood-elevating colours in a kaleidoscope of shades, Artisto is a stellar blend of art and fashion.
  • Crest : Understated and minimalistic styling takes centre stage in the Crest collection. Created from a luxuriously soft, light and ultra-breathable fabric, Crest is crafted for the man with a taste for all things luxe, who never compromises on comfort.

Redefining Underwear Ads: 

Straying away from the age-old tactics employed by other underwear brands (think-chauvinism, dry humour and used stereotypes of casting women in a side role), our campaign focuses on the extremely problematic issues every man faces on a daily basis. Providing a solution to their issues and inviting them to reconsider their underwear choices.

Grabbing headlines:

The campaign kickstarted a roar in the press, gaining significant traction and sparking conversations about the importance of comfortable underwear. Making its mark on headlines from reputed companies like ET Brand Equity, Financial Express and Ad Gully. It even grabbed attention on social media, from LinkedIn to Instagram, and users were impressed with the campaign. Check it out here.

The Revolutionary Affect:

The campaign has changed the way men think about their underwear, by sending them a simple message - comfortable men’s underwear exists. By focusing on comfort, quality and style we have challenged the traditional diaspora of masculinity and encouraged men to break free from discomfort and experience Undie-pendece like never before.

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