What makes the XYXX Supima T-shirt stand out?

In a world of menswear, crew neck tees are designed to elevate your look effortlessly. Understated, versatile and stylish, the humble crew neck tees for men have a plethora of styling potential waiting to be uncovered. So what makes our collection of Supima t-shirts stand out from the rest? Read on to find out:

About The Collection:

Subtlety, style and sophistication all rolled into one crisp tee. Our Iconique crew neck t-shirts work like a charm in any situation. Carved in a relaxed frame and designed with a ribbed neckline that retains its shape, this range of crew neck tees is perfect for daily wear.

Luxuriously Soft Fabric:

Fun fact: Only 1% of the Earth's cotton is Supima. The exclusivity of the fabric is matched by its quality as Supima cotton combines both incredible softness and lasting strength. What makes Supima cotton different is that the fibre length averages 1.4 inches while most cotton is at 1 inch. Twice as strong and four times softer than regular cotton, it makes for extraordinarily resilient products. Sumptuously soft and smooth to the touch, this fabric offers unrestricted comfort all day long.

Versatile Styling:

Whether you’re dressing up for a casual outing, errand run or a semi-formal occasion, our Supima tees strike the perfect balance between style and comfort. For a casual look, style them with jeans or shorts. If you wish to rock a semi-formal outfit, layer our tees with a blazer, matching chinos and white shoes for a finished ensemble.

No Skin Irritation:

The ultra-light and breathable fabric is soft on the skin and offers unlimited comfort all day long. Additionally, our crew neck tees come without tags or fabric labels to prevent any itchiness, skin irritation or rashes.

Range Of Colours:

Adding a splash of hues to your t-shirt rotation, our t-shirts for men are available in a range of shades such as pitch black, graphite grey, midnight blue, forest green, iceberg blue, butter yellow, ivory white and blush pink.

Convinced Yet?

From fabric, to fit, to styling and even colours, our collection of crew neck tees is worth the hype. Iconique much? Give it a shot, try out our men’s crew neck tees and you will be spoilt for choice. Get the best t-shirts for men online now. Shop now.

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