Underwear That Makes The Style Statement For Men

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It is worn by men day in and day out as if it’s their second skin. Hence, it has to be comfortable and it has to have some common features that fit into the needs of almost all men. In the same breath, it can be said that it makes immense sense that there should be an array of different styles of underwear to choose from. It gives them freedom of choice. 

The underwear for men is often decided based on the material it’s made of and the size that fits snugly into the men’s desire for independence and freedom. Innerwear for men is available in different materials, size and shape so that it fits them perfectly. You may get the best underwear styles for men in the market and they are of different brands made by different companies. You can also buy stylish underwear for men in some select stores that cater to the needs of the niche segment of connoisseurs and style freaks. If you face any difficulty in getting the stuff of your liking and with benefits like men’s innerwear combo offers. You can get the facility of innerwear for men online and your online order will deliver the underwear of your choice to your doorstep.


During ancient days, men would wear loincloths made of leather hides and they were tough enough to resist nature’s fury when men used to roam in the wilderness. There were no men’s underwear styles to choose from. All loincloths were identical and the very purpose that they existed was to provide men with comfortable wear that would suit their foray into the dense forests where they would wander for days together in search of food and fodder. Underwear men brand is today’s phenomenon; in those days of yore, men had no choice of the brands since there were no brands. Egyptian rulers, the pharaohs, wore the underwear. The name of the innerwear of Scotsmen was kilts. 

The reason that can be attributed to the ever-rising athleisure brands globally is its flexibility of being compatible in almost all casual settings and has stood the test of time to be an accepted dress code for many occasions. Be it at a lunch with your near and dear ones, drinks with the gang of boys, or a casual date, athleisure offers varied trendy choices.

High fashion athleisure is a style statement to be carried by men from almost all walks of modern society. The fact that athleisure t-shirts combine the comfort of regular sportswear and the quirky look of fashionable attire gives it an edge over other forms of apparel. Perfect for the modern man whose busy lifestyle warrants that he is always well-dressed and attired in a stylish outfit, athleisure offers the advantage of practicality blended with functionality for him.

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The Codpiece

There was Codpiece worn by men during the 15th and 16th Centuries. Before this, there was nothing but a pair of trousers which were tied with a kind of lace at both the waist and the ankles. It was a big hassle to remove it quickly because it needed undoing of all the laces. This discomfort brought about the use of codpiece. 

Today, if you wish to buy innerwear of your taste, you can get it through men's innerwear online at XYXX and it’s so easy and convenient for us today. You can buy innerwear for men today without any hassles. In India, you can buy from a range of different types of underwear. All you need to do is to visit our virtual store at XYXX and on our website you not only have the choice of best underwear for men in India but you are also assured of getting innovative fabrics, impeccable craftsmanship and incredible design. There are men who fuss over men's underwear styles and they fret over the issue till their needs are satisfied. Even if they try getting the stuff of their choice from the shops claiming to possess the best underwear for men in India, they keep brooding over either design or size or colour. They are the difficult lot indeed.

The principal styles of men’s underwear are:

Strings, briefs, boxers, Long Johns, Jockstraps, Cheeky briefs, Knee-length Johns, and all-in-one bodies. There are micro briefs available through men’s micro briefs India.  You can buy mens boxers. You can also buy men’s trunks online from XYXX Crew’s online store.

  • Strings: It’s a design with a fine back strap as a string but it’s wider than a thong. Thongs and strings are often referred to interchangeably.
  • Briefs and Shorts Micro brief: It is also known as a slip or a male bikini. This is a hot and hit design and it sells like hotcakes.
  • Tanga brief: It’s easy to spot because of the absence of fabric beneath the waistband on each side. There's good coverage on the front and the back. It is ideal for those men who need the maximum room.
  • Mini brief: The side seam is about 2 to 3 inches wide. It gives more coverage than a minimalist micro.
  • Midi brief: It’s in the middle of a micro and a maxi brief. The depth is about 4-5 inches. It has a chic retro look. 
  • Hipster brief: It’s a shallow boxer brief and it has an attractive low rise fit.
  • Boxer brief or maxi brief or trunk: It is a snug-fitting brief for men. It is one of the best-selling shapes in the world in the men's underwear segment.
  • Boxer short: These have a classic look. It’s mostly shirt-style cotton.
  • Long boxer: it’s a variation of boxer brief with a long leg. It is skin-tight. These are for men who wish to have a greater cover.
  • Long John: It’s full-length underwear and it has a thermal layer which makes it an ideal choice for the winters. 

As underwear continued to develop, men began wearing tight knee-length flannel union suits that matched their shirts. It wasn’t until the mid-1920s that a boxing company called Everlast began to tweak their leather trunks worn by prizefighters opting for something more comfortable with an elastic band

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Different Types Of Men's Underwear

Men’s underwear is not only of one single type, there are different men’s underwear types that can be worn for different purposes and occasions. Here is a brief explanation of each of these 4 types:


These are classic fitting types of underwear that have a snug elastic waistband and provide full coverage for the genitals. These have minimal fabric coverage and also ample support which makes them suitable for everyday wear and especially athletic activities. 

Boxer Briefs

The boxer briefs combine the features of both briefs and boxers to offer a tighter and more supportive fit like briefs with longer lengths like boxers. These provide great courage, excellent support and freedom of motion, which makes them a perfect choice among other men’s underwear types for a lot of body types and activities.


These shorter versions of boxer briefs have shorter leg lengths and feature a square-cut design. Trunks offer a contoured pouch and a snug fit for extra support, which makes them a very popular choice among men who are looking for a balance between movement freedom and coverage. Trunks are considered to be most suitable for regular wear and can be worn under different types of clothing.

Long Trunks

Long trunks are very similar to trunks but have a longer leg length that extends to mid-thigh or above the knee. These trunks are the most popular men's underwear styles which provide more support and coverage than the traditional trunks, which makes them ideal for men who need something to wear during athletic activities or when they need extra support and coverage


1. What is the most popular men's underwear style?

Although it depends on personal opinion, here are the 4 most popular types of men’s underwear: 

Men’s Boxers: The best for breathability and flexibility

Briefs: The best men’s underwear for sports due to increased space.

Trunks for men: The best alternative as it provides optimum coverage and support.

2. What type of underwear do guys prefer?

The most preferred underwear type are briefs, boxers, and trunks. A personal favourite for many is men’s briefs as they provide support, optimum coverage and are the perfect men’s underwear as they suit all fashion choices.

3. Is it better for a man to wear boxers or briefs?

Boxers are loose-fitting and flexible but provide less support. They provide coverage to your thigh region and are more flexible than any other type of men’s innerwear. Briefs for men, however, are tighter and provide maximum support but are less breathable.