Selecting The Right Workout Underwear!

Selecting The Right Workout Underwear!

Do many people wonder if they need special workout innerwear? Yes, the answer is 100% yes.

Determining the “special” underwear can be a pretty subjective process but despite that, there are a few things about athletic performance or workout underwear for men that most guys can agree with.

Even if your underwear wardrobe has all your favourite everyday underwear, you might find that the same pair that feels great on workdays or casual weekends don’t work so well when you’re hitting the gym.

Firstly, a good pair needs to provide impeccable support; runners and athletes are constantly moving at a high speed—they need to keep things steady underneath all that storm.

Second, the underwear has to be comfortable. This means the fabric and the cut must be chafe-free, and breathability factor is a must.

Third, modern technology provides new features like moisture-wicking fabrics and even gadget pockets—those elements are a big plus.

And why are these factors important for choosing the best workout innerwear?

Because traditional cotton underwear retains moisture, which becomes sticky and uncomfortable during a workout, and can even lead to chafing in private parts. Your daily pair might also not be stretchy enough to handle the demands of your workout. These are very important factors to consider for athletes, trainers who are doing everything from running and weightlifting to high-intensity training and rock climbing.

The perfect workout underwear for men: Benefits of special undies

As much as we would like to work out in our regular old "tighty whiteys”, it is extremely unfavorable to one’s health. This is because regular underwear lacks support and also tends to ride up, cause redness and itching, and be super uncomfortable. There are a couple of features to one should look for instead when picking right underwear.

  • Fit

Does the idea of your private parts bouncing around while you throw in some heavy exercises bother you? Well, it should! Besides being highly uncomfortable, there is always the fear of wardrobe malfunction.

Nobody wants to accidentally flash the poor people at the gym. Fit is an essential factor to consider for workout underwear to get maximum comfort, but also ensure safety to a certain extent. Working out in boxers or briefs for gym is generally considered a bad idea just because of the anti-fit nature.

This doesn’t seem too bad, but a lot of men have accidentally twisted and pulled certain muscles because they didn’t protect themselves properly.

However, on the opposite side are briefs that aren’t any better. Regular wear briefs have the unfortunate tendency to overheat because sweat and moisture are kept confined around the balls. So while you might not bounce, you still end up hot, sweaty, smelly, and uncomfortable.

The real style of workout underwear that works the best for men is a pair of form-fitting boxer briefs that manages to support without being tight.

  • Moisture Wicking

Let us all agree that sweat is just gross, and men, balls sweating is like infinite times gross. Most men while working out have experienced the unpleasant sensation of having sweat drip down when trying to run, lift, and overall improve physique.

Because of this discomfort, the best underwear for working out is a moisture-wicking fabric that is responsible for absorbing sweat away. Moisture-wicking materials tend to be close-fitting, but this just increases support when trying to exercise.

In general, moisture-wicking fabrics are synthetic, meaning they were made in a lab or have materials like elastic and plastic incorporated. These should be worn when mixed with natural fibres to avoid heating up.

  • Heat

Heat is a big issue faced by guys when trying to buy workout underwear for men. A lot of underwear seems to trap heat that can be damaging. Add to the fact that too much exposure to heat can directly hurt fertility and cause testicular cancer, it hence gives a lot of guys the valid reason to avoid wearing workout underwear if there is no heat release.

For this reason, it’s important to seek out comfortable underwear that will dissipate heat. The best options are ones that are breathable, meaning you get a nice healthy breeze. Breathability typically works in sync with moisture-wicking, so it’s important to find an option that also gets rid of gross sweat.

However, some fabrics are known to keep heat in, and it’s typically a good idea to avoid these. One of the worst offenders is actually polyester, which is used in almost all underwear. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that doesn’t really breathe, so it can be quite uncomfortable if you wear it too often. Try to seek an option that includes some natural fibres when underwear shopping.

So what is the best underwear material for working out for activities like Running, Lifting, Cycling, High-Intensity Training, Yoga, Mountain Climbing & Hiking, Team Sports?

As mentioned, synthetic fabrics have proven to be the way to go when it comes to active underwear, but there are some natural fabric options that provide breathability and moisture wicking that will keep movement at a maximum while also help to prevent chafing.

Fabrics like Nylon are the most popular fibre for running and athletic apparel, and often originates from a source such as coal or petroleum and is quickly finding a lot of competition from fabrics that can be more eco-conscious.

Rayon fabrics like Micro Modal are an alternative 100% naturally sourced from Beechwood trees and can also be super effective.

It is lightweight, 3x softer than cotton, durable, and breathable and stays much drier than a lot of other natural fabrics. It also has antibacterial qualities.

Another great emerging fabric is Bamboo! Bamboo is a great soft, sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fibres. It is naturally moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial with 24 hours freshness boost!

Summing up, when buying underwear for workouts, most fitness apparel tips say that workout tops and bottoms, undergarments should be made of moisture-wicking material. When shopping for the next pair of underwear to wear at the gym, make sure to look for this feature.

These sports underwear and fitness underwear will give you the features cotton briefs won’t.

The best workout underwear will wick moisture away from your skin, is breathable and compliments your workout bottom. So regardless of your preferences, the best way to get the most out of your workout is to protect yourself from irritation and disease.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best men’s underwear for working out?

The best men’s underwear for working out has a few specifications like right fit, stretching ability and breathability factor, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial fabric and one that does not heat up.

What is the best underwear for sweating?

The best underwear for sweating is underwear that is made from moisture-wicking fabrics like Bamboo and Micromodal.

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