Summer Underwear for Men


As the temperature rises and the sun beats down, summer underwear has become more important than ever. With sweat and humidity draining us all, the last thing you want to worry about is being uncomfortable in your undergarments.

While you are busy buying comfortable tees and pants for summer, you should also consider buying mens summer underwear with high sweat absorbability, protecting you from itchiness and discomfort down there. Make sure that the underwear you’re choosing is suited to the summer conditions, as they will keep you fresh and breezy all day long. 

In this blog, we’ve listed the important features of summer underwear and the types of summer underwear for guys that are fashionable and comfortable on the skin, which is imperative in hot summer days.

Summer Underwear: Everything You Need To Know

Summer underwear is essential as the scorching temperature approaches. Getting the right underwear for summer days not only relieves you from the heatwaves but also maintains ideal comfort and cleanliness. We’ve chalked out a few factors which make summer innerwear a staple item in a guy’s wardrobe, read on to find out: 

Comfort and Hygiene

The blistering heat of summer can have a negative impact on your comfort causing irritation, sweating, and a general uneasy feeling. The right summer underwear can mitigate such problems and can keep you cool and confident even in such hot weather. 

Breathable and Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

Want to be the hot man in underwear? Trust us, if you struggle to find solace in your attire, your imagination will turn futile. When choosing underwear for summer, breathability is an important factor to consider. Moisture-absorbing fabrics like performance blends, cotton, modal, and nylon provide multiple advantages by drawing sweat away from the body and promoting airflow. 

Right Fit or Not?

You should check the fit of summer underwear for comfort and support. The waistband design, cut, and leg length impact must keep everything in place without making you feel uncomfortable. 

Style Factor

Of course, summer innerwear provides comfort and support in the scorching weather, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it cannot be stylish. Imagine lounging by the pool or hitting the beach. You would not want to wear your “tighty-whities,” right? Instead, you would probably wish to wear something quirky or more comfortable, say a dark-coloured modal boxer brief or maybe a printed trunk—whatever you feel comfortable in.

Different Types of Summer Underwear for Men

Get ready to welcome the hottest days with the best underwear for men in summer, designed to keep you comfortable and breezy. The following are the different types of innerwear for men during summer days. 

1. Briefs

The slim-fitted men’s briefs offer optimal breathability, keeping you cool in the summer heat. The snug fit and support that briefs provide make them among the best cool mens underwear. Briefs for men are often made of breathable fabrics like modal and cotton, which help pull sweat away from the skin and boost evaporation. If you’re looking for the best comfortable mens underwear, check out our Men’s Briefs Underwear. We have a vast collection of briefs made from breathable fabrics like modal and cotton. Our brief collection offers tagless comfort and superior stretch so that you can walk around in them easily, even in hot and sweaty summers. 

2. Boxer Briefs

If you want to get the snug fit of briefs and extended leg coverage of boxers, you can invest in boxer briefs this summer. The hybrid shape offers necessary support while reducing chafing and discomfort, making them ideal underwear for men in summer. Made with modal fabric, XYXX Crew brings a premium collection of boxer briefs. Buy Boxer Briefs For Men, which feel 3x softer on the skin, keeping you cool and comfortable all day long. 

3. Trunks

Trunks are a cross between briefs and boxer briefs. They offer snugness and support of both briefs and boxer briefs, and they sit on the thigh in the middle, making it a completely different type of summer underwear for men. This innerwear is longer than briefs and shorter than boxer briefs. Trunks are more airy than boxer briefs, making them ideal innerwear for long summer days. You can get your hands on Trunks for Men by XXYX, which offers a luxe finish and sheer comfort. From solid colour supima modal trunks to printed cotton stretchy trunks, you can purchase everything from XYXX Crew. 

4. Boxers

Also known as boxer shorts, boxers are quintessential for a reason: they are dynamic and dependable. When we talk about boxers, the first thing we can think about is their loose fit and colourful and monochromatic designs. Boxers give a full pelvic covering and can be paired with various casual and elegant clothes. If you want to lounge around in the house or perform mundane tasks, boxers are an ideal choice for summer underwear. XYXX Crew presents a wide range of Printed Boxers and Inner Boxers. Both boxer shorts and inner boxers are made of cotton fabric, thus offering breathability and comfort in summer. 

5. Jockstrap

Having been traditionally worn for high-intensity athletics, the jockstrap entirely protects private parts while leaving the back completely exposed. Jockstraps are often supported with pockets for inserting extra protection, such as a cup. You can pair a jockstrap with another layer of underwear, like the performance boxers, to increase coverage while maintaining protection. 

6. Bikini Cut

Bikini cut refers to the type of underwear for men that falls between briefs and trunks, exposing more of your thighs. You will fit this kind of cut more with bathing suits, especially in Europe. From there, bikini cuts have gained popularity and are now available in different parts of the world. Like briefs, this summer underwear for men also offers support but adds extra covering for the upper leg. If you want to add some flair to your personality, you can choose the bikini cut. 

7. Tanga

Another type of underwear, tanga, is similar to briefs. However, it only covers the front side and has fabric bands around the waist to provide support. The waistbands of a tanga are comparatively thicker than a G-string. However, unlike other types of underwear, tanga offers the least coverage. Nevertheless, their exposed design provides maximum breathability and airflow.


With exposure to the world of men’s underwear, we can now expect you won’t have any difficulty finding suitable summer underwear. Whether you buy a brief or a trunk, make sure their fabric feels soft on the skin, is breathable, and keeps sweat away from the body, keeping you cool and comfortable. To upgrade your summer wardrobe, you can start by buying high-quality innerwear from XYXX Crew if you're looking for the best underwear brand in India. We ensure tagless comfort and high flexibility so that you can pair our underwear with almost any outfit, be it lounging at home, going on casual outings, or sitting at the workplace in this heated weather. 

FAQs on Men’s Summer Underwear

What type of underwear is best for sporty men?

Boxers or inner boxers are an ideal choice of underwear for sporty men.

Is cotton underwear breathable, men?

Yes, cotton is a breathable fabric as it has moisture-absorbing properties, making it a suitable option in summer. The best cotton underwear for men can be briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, trunks and more. 

Should I wear briefs in summer?

Briefs are usually made with airy fabrics like modal and cotton, which makes them a decent choice for summer underwear. Their snug fit and support also add to men’s comfort. 

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