Men’s Joggers Size-Chart

Men's joggers ooze comfort and have the versatile styling potential to team well with crew neck tees, everyday vests, sweatshirts, hoodies, and zip-up jackets. 

But to experience the impeccable comfort offered by joggers, you must choose the correct size. And our comprehensive guide is here to help you pick the correct size, read on to find yours:

  • Start By Measuring Yourself 

Bring out the measuring tape, a notebook, pen, and start taking your measurements. First, measure your waist, located an inch below the belly button, and note it down (in cm and inches).

  • Refer To The Chart

To find the perfect fit for our men's joggers on our website, select the 'Best Fit' tab located above the sizing options. This will open up a box that shows various measurements in centimetres and inches.  

  • Compare It To Our Chart

The measurements will be given in inches and centimetres. You can use the given measurements to compare with the ones you have noted down for yourself. This will give you a clear perspective about the size that you need to buy. 

However, it is important to consider the fabric quality and the desired fit when choosing your joggers. If you prefer a loose fit, you can go for a size up, the exact measurements can be configured while comparing. 

  • Comfort 

You can feel effortlessly comfortable while wearing joggers by picking the right size and consulting the size guide provided. A proper fit will allow you to feel at ease and avoid the need for constant adjustments. 

  • Confidence 

Feeling your comfortable best in your joggers can boost your confidence. When they fit well, you will want to wear them and feel comfortable in them. This will make you feel good and increase your confidence. 

  • Wearability 

Whether you're searching for plus-size joggers or extra-small joggers, it's important to find comfortable clothing. This will give you the most value for your money.


By mastering the art of choosing the appropriate jogger size, you can easily find a comfortable fit while shopping. This allows you to explore various styles, suitable for your body type and structure. Having a pair of well-fitted joggeres offers immense styling potential allowing you to mix and match your outfit. Your search for the perfect joggers online ends right here.


What size is XXL in men's joggers?

A waist size above 42 inches and a length that exceeds 105 cm, can be considered XXL. It is always a good idea to refer to the size guide for men's joggers before buying them, as different brands can have different sizing criteria. 

What is a large size in men's joggers?

According to our jogger size guide, a man’s waist measurements lie between 36-38 inches (90-95 cm) and the length is 105 cm.

How do I know what size joggers to buy?

Take measurements of your waist, and leg length and make a note of them. Then, refer to the size guide and choose the appropriate size that corresponds to your measurements.

What kind of features should I look for in joggers?

When it comes to men's joggers, you should look at the fabric, fit, design, and comfort offered by these joggers.

Do men's joggers come in all sizes?

Yes, our men’s joggers come in all sizes such as small, medium, large, and extra large. You can refer to the size chart to find the perfect fit for yourself. 

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