Athleisure & Its Growth In Market Dominance


The word was coined almost half a century back, sometime during the year 1970.  The term ‘athleisure’ might suggest clothing for sports or sports-related events, however, the term represents casual and comfort, while still making a fashion statement. Comfortable yet stylish, this is designed for activities and everyday wear. This form of apparel focuses on functionality and style. 

Athleisure's Popularity on the rise

Off late, Athleisure men’s wear has been in great demand among the general upbeat young population. From the preposterous belief of the yesteryears, of fashion being comfortable alongside providing you with an exclusive style statement, to a more commonplace conviction among the contemporary male folks, it has reasons to lead to its popularity.

The reason that can be attributed to the ever-rising athleisure brands globally is its flexibility of being compatible in almost all casual settings and has stood the test of time to be an accepted dress code for many occasions. Be it at a lunch with your near and dear ones, drinks with the gang of boys, or a casual date, athleisure offers varied trendy choices.

High fashion athleisure is a style statement to be carried by men from almost all walks of modern society. The fact that athleisure t-shirts combine the comfort of regular sportswear and the quirky look of fashionable attire gives it an edge over other forms of apparel. Perfect for the modern man whose busy lifestyle warrants that he is always well-dressed and attired in a stylish outfit, athleisure offers the advantage of practicality blended with functionality for him.

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What are the athleisure trends for athletes in 2020?

The year 2020, for many, has had an unprecedented effect in terms of many dimensions both as a challenge as well as an opportunity. All of this because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Surfing on consumer preference and winning the confidence of the millennials the athleisure business casual categories have perched for tremendous growth. Athleisure has become the chosen one to lead the fashion industry. It has impacted the world of fashion in modern years by taking trendy leggings and track pants from the gym to invade everyday life.

This has gone a long way to prove otherwise that Athleisure is not another trendy sportswear but is a style statement that has influenced lifestyle. As an outcome of amplified health consciousness among the general globe population, and the home office concept, as well as the ever-increasing Work-From-Home shift among the corporate sector wearing T-shirts or yoga pants during work or leisure, it has now become an accepted dress code due to its qualities already mentioned earlier in this article.

When in the US almost 28% of the Casual American population uses athletics, how can India lag? The trend of the athleisure market in India is also emerging fast. Though there are certain challenges faced by the Indian market, India has begun to take advantage of the situation and is poised to harness the full latent opportunity of the athleisure market in the years to come.

The increase in general health awareness among the Urban youths and young adults has led to an increase in sporting and outdoor activities like Yoga and aerobics as well as a freehand exercise by the not so older generation in our country. The 21st of June is declared as the World Yoga Day by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) since 2015. The day has seen an unprecedented enthusiasm among many and thus the demand for athleisure attires.

So much so that if we compare the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of the statistic from the year 2009 till 2017 we find that it has from a mere 0.28% to start with has achieved growth of nearly 1.30%.

With a promising projected growth potential, partly also because of the trending WFH situation that is to stay for many years to come, the Indian manufactures have geared up to make hay while the sun shines. This manifests in the coexistence of many domestic affordable athleisure brands with the far more expensive international brands.

The athleisure market in India is gearing up to match the feats of the global market in terms of growth, quality and variety with the uniqueness of making these attires available in Indian taste and colour. One such player is the XYXX Apparels.

The challenges to this growth need to be overcome through the following proactive steps:

  • Regularize Supply Chain for quality raw materials
  • Ensure adaptation of modern manufacturing technology
  • Continual training of Manpower to upgrade the skills to meet the global quality standards
  • Market penetration in the small cities and town as well as the semi-urban and rural areas
  • Develop R & D to keep pace with the use of new material as raw material and in turn boosting the growth of Circular Economic development.

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