6 Goa Beach Outfits for Men


Has your Goa planning finally taken off from your friends group? Since Goa is the dream destination of practically every one, we’re sure that there are probably thousands of questions running through your head. And let's venture a guess. Are you still debating if now is the ideal time to visit there? Let us tell you something, spending time with friends makes every day amazing while visiting this incredible location, our fantasies included taking a cruise, hanging out with friends, enjoying cocktails, and sharing our experiences on Instagram stories.

But are you going to come to this relaxing spot wearing your same old boring home clothes? Not at all! Since a vacation to Goa is something that doesn’t happen always, to experience the best of yourself, you should pack statement Goa beach outfits and other styles for both the destination and each new adventure you go on there.

6 Goa Beach Dress for Men

Let's ease your frantic shopping and provide you with some ideal suggestions for the clothes to wear in Goa for men. All that's left for you to do is choose the colors that go with your style from our selection of the best dresses for men to wear on a vacation to Goa. And then, you are good to go!

1. Vests with Bermuda Shorts

Don't assume that men just display their possessions. Ladies are attracted to attractive bodies! This is the ideal time to stand out from the crowd in Goa while sporting your go-to striped vest and basic Bermuda shorts. What good are you doing spending hours at the gym, after all? Finish the look by pairing black aviators and stylish flip-flops or slides for a stylish look. 

2. Open Shirts

Have you ever had an opportunity to show off your abs outside of the gym? You can do whatever you want in Goa and not face judgment, that's for sure. So why not show off your toned abs at the Goa beach parties or on a cruise while wearing a simple Goa outfit?
It's the ideal time of the year to flaunt your physique, whether it's swimming in the ocean off the beach or hitting up late-night rave parties with your pals. Wearing an open shirt and stylish shorts allows you to do just that. 

3. Just Shorts

If you go to the beach wearing little more than shorts, you may easily make a statement with your good looks and swimming prowess!
Wearing shorts, you may wade into the beach's water and experience the maximum amount of salt on your skin. But hold on! Your late-night gatherings might become more fun and comfortable with this style; after all it's not just for the beach. Goa is the place to go utterly minimal, after all. 

4. Colorful Printed Shorts

Are you aware of the unique distinction that exists between Goa and your city? In Goa, you may look stylish in anything that makes you stand out a little bit in a city, like brightly printed shorts.
Although printed shorts aren't usually associated with the city, they may make for the best casual beach outfit for men. Therefore, you may get the most colorful boxers or shorts to let you simply enjoy the greatest Goan lifestyle and battle the heat while having the most fun at the beach. 

5. Beachwear Accessories

Who says men don't enjoy accessorizing their looks? Guys love accessories just as much as women do, but they sometimes struggle to wear it right, but hold on! Goa offers you the best opportunities to get the distinctive appearance you've always wanted with head scarves, aviators, chains, and other stylish men's accessories paired with your preferred Goa shirts for men, shorts, and vests

6. Light Layers

You can wear light layers while you stroll around your city if you're not into quirky or attention-grabbing styles. This is the ideal outfit for casual beach nights or nighttime events. For a better party look, choose with lighter or brighter hues.

Men’s Must-Have Travel Essentials in Goa

When you are organizing your vacation to Goa, there are a few things that you just cannot risk forgetting or ignoring, regardless of gender. Think about these must-do items and put them as high on your list of things to do while you visit Goa.

1. Sunscreen

Unless you are hoping to get a gorgeous tan or have decided to spend the whole trip indoors, this is your best option for sun coverage. If you do not fall into this group, it is nearly hard to travel to Goa and prevent tanning without sunscreen. Therefore, to protect oneself from the intense sun, you must carry sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or, if not, at least an SPF of 30. After all, after an amazing vacation, you wouldn't want to return home looking like a fried chicken.

2. Sunglasses

Are you aware that UV rays might do more damage than you may have assumed? Yes, they may harm our eyes in addition to scorching our skin. Thus, if you're in a hot climate, make sure you wear sunglasses with UV protection. Not only is this crucial for you men, but it's also very significant for the girls.

3. Extra Clothing

Oh no! Who knows what can come up unexpectedly while you are on a honeymoon with your partner or traveling to Goa with pals? Goa is full of surprises, and you never know what to expect on your next trip there. Additionally, if you're on a beach vacation as a couple, nothing would be more unexpected than going for a candlelit supper after a thrilling, romantic swim with your significant other. Why not bring along some additional Goa clothes to wear for those romantic and daring occasions and avoid some costly beachside shopping?

4. Compact Bag

Whoa! When you can travel around hands-free and wear those little, sling bags to rest on your shoulder, who would carry those bulky backpacks while stopping here and there?

Make your trip more relaxing and exciting when you have a small bag to carry with more compartment space.

5. Beach Footwear

You will immediately regret wearing your pricey shoes to the beach, so make sure to do so. If you want to walk for miles, choose shoes that are more comfortable and have less covering to prevent sand, water, shells, or small reptiles or amphibians from getting inside them.


Take a moment to think about our recommendation if you are unsure about your Goa outfits for men. Our suggestions are guaranteed to make your favourite times even more amazing, whether you're with your friends, cousins, or your significant other.

Try these Goa outfit ideas, take some photos, and post them to social media. We have no doubt that you will arouse jealousy in the eyes of your other friends, who tend to cancel plans at the last minute.

FAQs on Goa Wear for Men

Are there any specific colors that are popular for beachwear in Goa?

Well, if you want to feel the Goa vibes, then do wear our suggested dresses for the Goa trip or outfits with pop-up colors like red, hot pink, gold, navy blue, burnt orange, or emerald green. We are pretty sure; you are not going back home unnoticed or called out!

What type of footwear is suitable for the beach?

Considering the right footwear for the beach is very important as you cannot withstand mud, water, sand, shells, and other marine animals crawling on the beach sand with your expensive shoes. The best option for longevity and durability can be mesh, rubber, or neoprene material slippers.

What kind of accessories should men consider for their beach outfits?

Too many accessories for men can be a little girly. So, you can go for 3 to 4 accessories such as neck chains, 1-2 rings, bracelets, and yes, the UV-protected sunglasses or aviators are a must.

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