Why Are Organic Cotton T-Shirts Good For You And The Planet?

Why Are Organic Cotton T-Shirts Good For You And The Planet?

Reducing carbon footprints is what we all should be looking for today. Can you imagine the thermal energy required per meter of cloth is 4500-5500 kcal, whereas electric energy required is 0.45-0.55 KwH?  (Reference: https://oecotextiles.blog/2009/06/16/what-is-the-energy-profile-of-the-textile-industry/)  And that is the reason why sustainable clothing is no longer a trend but a necessity today.

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Cotton is one of the most ancient fabrics, and it has been in existence for the last 7000 years. This fabric is indeed termed as the "Fabric of our lives". Cotton is one of the most preferred fabrics for several items like jeans, towels, clothing, home textiles, lingerie, and many more. But growing traditional cotton attracts many environmental hazards, so people have decided to switch to organic cotton fabric.

What is Organic Cotton? 

Organic cotton involves less use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Organic cotton maintains soil fertility and involves less damage to groundwater. It does not involve the usage of genetically modified seeds.

Why switch to organic cotton?

Organic cotton is the new age sustainable fashion choice. This cotton must be made mainstream so that maximum people can wear it. 

And no wonder this fabric has the potential to become one of the most loved and adored fabrics. Let's have a look at why switching to organic cotton will have a mix of environmental benefits as well as fashion benefits - 

  1. Highly recommended for sensitive skin - Synthetic fabrics might not be suitable for everyone. People prone to allergies, itching, and even headaches by wearing synthetic fabrics must resort to organic cotton. Kids and sensitive-skinned people must wear organic cotton clothing only. Have a look at the wide range of organic cotton tees from one of the best sustainable clothing websites - XYXX. 
  2. Environmental Damage - Traditional cotton uses a tremendous amount of water. As per the World Wildlife Federation, 5283 gallons of water produce 2 pounds of organic cotton. Even WWF has also estimated that 10% of pesticides are used by organic cotton, making it approx. 55 million pounds. Wear beautiful purple-coloured organic cotton t-shirts from XYXX apparel. 
  3. Human Cost - Are you aware of the human cost required in producing traditional cotton? Well, there are a lot of farmer's deaths reported in growing this conventional form of cotton. The farmers breathe in these pesticides and chemicals every day. Their family also consumes contaminated drinking water. As per the WHO, 20,000 people die every year out of the environmental hazards of organic cotton. Thus, organic cotton is a highly safer fabric in this respect.
  4. Durable Fabric - Organic cotton is a highly durable and soft fabric. This fabric looks quite good when worn and will easily last for years to come. You don't need to compromise with style when wearing organic cotton. Have a look at the stylish and highly durable organic cotton tees. All of this and much more are available at XYXX apparels.
  5. Cost-Efficient - Organic cotton is highly cost-efficient. Since it involves less use of chemicals and pesticides, thus the input cost is relatively less. As a result, the output cost is also lesser. Check out the vast array of organic and value-based organic cotton tees from the house of XYXX apparel.

The uses of organic cotton are endless. Now, it depends on us how we style and use this sustainable fabric. The benefits of organic cotton are also endless, and it is touching everyone's lives in the best way possible.

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