The Ultra-Comfy Yet Stylish 2021 WFH Wardrobe

The Ultra-Comfy Yet Stylish 2021 WFH Wardrobe

It's been more than a year since getting dressed up for office has been a concern for any of us. Working from home means you can can work wearing the same PJs you wore to sleep last night...or maybe not.

While work from home is all about ditching the not-so-comfortable formal wear for cosy comfort wear, it is prudent that we maintain some decorum. Wearing the same clothes you slept in for working will hamper your productivity over time. Hence, we're here to help you with the best outfit inspirations for remote working.

It is time to upgrade your WFH wardrobe and find the perfect balance between comfort and productivity.

Keeping It Casual and Cosy With PJs

Pyjama-T-shirt Combo For Men Online | XYXX

Generally, most employers would not care about how you are dressed as long as you are productive. Thus, combed cotton pyjamas makes for a cosy working outfit.

You can still be comfortable yet presentable by trying out the trending ideas for the styling of pyjamas. The best way to style your pyjamas would be to top them off with a blazer or a formal/semi-formal jacket. It can be your saving grace for all those impromptu Zoom meetings when you work from home.

Rocking Your Casual Tee

There may be a few days when you would feel like getting a bit dressy. The same routine of slipping on a pyjama set every day may start to seem monotonous soon. Some men also complain that pyjamas set them into a chill mode and they find it difficult to concentrate.

Set in a mood of positivity by taking some time out to dress with the casually dapper tees. There are plenty of options and ways for the styling of tees that you can try out. You can rock an athleisure look by sporting your tee with track pants or joggers.

Boxers to the Rescue

Combed Cotton Boxers For Men | XYXX

Boxers have become a work from home staple as they keep you comfortable throughout the day. Did you know that styling of boxers was even a thing? Since work from home has become a norm, a fashionable pairing of your cotton boxers has become a necessity.

From formal shirts to blazers over a tee, you can explore a myriad of options to wear over your boxers and look professional in all your meetings.

Comfortable from within

Premium Men's Innerwear In India | XYXX

When you are working from home, you need to be in a productive mindset and clothes help you get there. You may be wearing the most comfortable clothes that make you look good, but if you are not comfortable from within, none of it will matter. So, ensure that you shop for some premium innerwear and be comfortable inside-out.

It is time to explore these options of styling work from home wear to get rid of the monotony of bland dressing every day for work. Check out the extensive collection by XYXX Apparels for your work from home wardrobe.

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