How Should Trunks Ideally Fit?

How Should Trunks Ideally Fit?

If you are someone who finds their comfort in trunks, this page has something great for you! Well, men’s trunks indeed are super comfortable because of its thin and lightweight fabric that offers excellent room and breathability. Moreover, premium trunks provide full coverage and work excellently for those having skinny legs as they make your lower body look more prominent. However, it could all go wrong if you buy an ill-fitted or bad-quality trunk. But, don't you worry! 

This post will tell you all about the best trunks for men and how well they should fit on you to offer a sense of complete comfort.

Types of Men’s Underwear

Men’s underwear is of various types such as trunks, briefs, and boxer briefs. Each type has different purposes and offers different levels of support.

• Trunks or boxers are known to offer endless comfort and are ideal for lounging in your house and sleeping.
• Briefs fit seamlessly on your hips and provide enough support. They are suitable for parties, work, etc.
• Boxer briefs, in contrast, offer great support and are ideal for high-intensity workouts.

How Should Trunks Ideally Fit?

Trunks are crafted to fit above the widest portion of your leg. They are shorter than boxers and are perfect for those with short legs or height. Trunks are comfortable and accentuate the muscles. Besides, their shorter cuts help in giving the desired fit.

Even if you have a lean body type with slim legs, trucks will suit you the best. The fitting of trunks should be such that it lets you move freely and comfortably while snugly fitting, without rolling.

Trunks are meant to complement shorts and pants; they must stay above the thighs and not peek out to embarrass you in public. Moreover, they are perfectly form-fitted, comfortable, and of breathable quality.

You can find the perfect fit by following the tips in this guide to choose the right underwear size and fabric.

Boxer Briefs and Trunks

People often get confused with trunks and boxer briefs. To make it easy, let's put it based on the length and design.

Trunks have an optimum length to perfectly cover the thighs to make them look muscular yet leaner. They are shorter than boxers and fit snugly. Moreover, they offer proper waist-to-thigh coverage and are comfortable to wear.


If you are looking for premium innerwear, a well-fitted trunk makes an appropriate choice due to its comfort and snug fit. You can shop from an endless range of Men's Modal Trunks from XXYX now!

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