Biggest Street Style Trends Of Summer 2020

Biggest Street Style Trends Of Summer 2020

Summer 2020 would be so big on style upgrades and fashion spillovers from the last decade. With some old trends taking a more prominent spot, there are so many ways to oomph up the heat.

Street style has emerged this last half a decade like never before. From witnessing significant historic fashion creations and recreations, the cult of street style has always had its own unwavering personality.

Going forward, these are summer's favourite 7 ways!


Flaunt the Athleisure Way

One of the most influential street trends that carry forward their own definition of style and glory has to be Athleisure. Made extremely popular amidst the millennials and the digital world, this is here to stay.

Oversized and loose flare fits could also be an important element in this look!


Jazz it up with prints

Funky prints are so big this spring! From statement prints to floral motifs and quirky, bold designs, everyones flaunting them! And why not? From reverberating with the weather’s mood to being in sync with the trends, prints are getting bolder, everywhere.


Bermuda style pants with oversized shirt

Another street style hitting the roads are the bermuda shorts, loose silhouette vest with blazers! Fresh off the ramp last season and already making its way down the street, this style is a classic casual meets work infiltration in the most millennial vibe.


The Monochromatic Style Spirit


An oldie but a goodie! This is one trend that can never go out of focus and has transcended its way into the new decade. Think Monochromatic suits, tailored suits, and blazers this Spring Summer2020.

Black is not the only shade you want to opt for; go experiment with different fun colors, whether it is according to the season or your mood. Don’t stop yourself from taking a risk. Revolutionize your day or evening attire and stand out with your clear, bold choices!


Vests+Cross Body Bags


The best way to accessorize all your styles this Spring! Since we live in the future now where it is totally okay for men to flaunt their satchels, the Vest and Crossbody bag combo are as effortless as Joey making a statement with his man-purse.

(Damn, he would have said 2020- the year of Joey!)

Wear it with layered styling but keep one of your styling proportions, mostly legs, a bit on the single layer side not look completely outlandish.


Boxer shorts = shorts

Thank God for the runways this season; your boxer shorts can be flaunted on the streets too! Style them with a casual shirt and flip-flops and look like you are an easy breeze! Pro tip: Try different materials for boxers!


Co-ords 2.0

Wearing matching shirts and shorts are now paving the way this summer! Get matching denim jeans to jacket to sweatshirt and jogging shorts! It is all your moment of match to own.


And there you have it, the summer styles to keep the temperatures soaring!


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