Behind the Fabric: The Making and Benefits of MicroModal

Behind the Fabric: The Making and Benefits of MicroModal

When it comes to undergarments and inner-wear, fabric quality and breathability are of utmost importance. So it’s no wonder that micro modal rayon is the preferred choice of material for these garments. With its high stretchability and comfort, micro modal fabric is ideal for loungewear, inner-wear and even baby clothing.

Micro-modal fabric benefits

About Micro modal

Micro modal is a special kind of modal rayon that is soft, stretchable and resistant to shrinkage. This makes it an ideal fabric for underwear and loungewear. As it has thinner fibres compared to modal material, micro modal can be tightly woven to produce a soft, silky fabric that is resistant to moisture and heat. At XYXX apparels, this fabric is used to integrate with products like men’s undergarments and innerwear.

How is the micro-modal fabric made?

The main component of this material is cellulose derived from hardwood trees. The cellulose is compressed to form a fine yarn produced in an eco-friendly manner and is superior to all other synthetic materials.

It starts by going through a flattening process that turns the cellulose into flat, white sheets. The sheets are submerged into a soda solution and then broken into fine crumbs. It then goes through the second round of treatment and enters a spinning machine to produce the superfine fibres. These fibres turn into yarn and produce the soft and luxurious micro modal rayon material.

Where is it used?

The super smooth and soft fabric is becoming a popular choice to craft all kinds of garments. Due to it’s luxurious look and feel, & moisture-wicking abilities, the micro modal fabric is famously used to craft premium loungewear like track pants, t-shirts, etc. But more than anything, the fabric is most used to craft comfortable & versatile innerwear.

Where it is from?

Micro modal is the finest rayon material currently available worldwide and is even said to be softer than real silk. Only one producer in Austria manufactures this material which is why it’s more eco-friendly, as the processes used are homogenous and eliminates wastage of resources. Besides the European Union, no other region in the world manufactures this fabric.

Benefits of Micro modal 

The main benefits of this material are its lightness and breathability. Since its production, this material has expanded into other categories like lingerie, sportswear, swimwear and even bedspreads. This is the best material for athletes and gym buffs as its moisture-wicking abilities keep sweat at bay.

The micro modal fabric is not just a friend to your skin but also the enviornment. The raw material used to manufacture this beautiful fabric is sourced from Austrian beech wood.
These trees are grown with 100% sustainable processes & the fabric production also causes little to no environmental impact. Sustainability in fashion is not just a trend anymore, it’s the need of the hour.

Unlike other semi-synthetic fabrics, micro modal rayon, due to its finer, yarn-woven material, also provides more elasticity, making it perfect for underwear and swimwear. Its lightweight and stretchable composition is also heat-resistant and thus, prevents discomfort caused by sweat. 

With a high thread-count of 300-400 threads woven together to create a comfortable, sheer fit, micro modal undergarments are the best of the best available in the market. From briefs, boxers, vests and pyjamas, the vast collection of men’s apparel by XYXX uses a fine blend of micro modal and Supima cotton. These premium materials deliver a snug fit and allow ease in movement.

So if you’re looking for top-notch undergarments that are comfy and stylish, look no further and add some of these micro modal garments to your collection.


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